Circular business model

The climate crisis and the exhaustion of natural resources are two of the greatest challenges of our time. A linear, unlimited production and consumption pattern that continues to increase from year to year is not sustainable. We aim to lead the change in our industry to gradually move to more sustainable and circular models throughout the value chain.

Extension of life span

A circular model is about extending the life of both materials and products by optimizing resources and minimizing waste. In this way, materials and products remain in use as long as possible before they are recycled or reworked. Our long-term ambition is for the business to gradually transition to a circular business model. The circular strategy includes both our rugs and packaging.

Inspire customers to make sustainable choices

We design rugs that will stand up to trends and offer collections of rugs made from natural sustainable materials but also older restored rugs. In this way, the rugs will be able to lie on our customers’ floors for many years. We do not “only” sell rugs to the customer – we also sell the value in sustainable rugs with a long lifetime value. Our mission is thus also to inform the customer and inspire sustainable circular consumer behavior.

A priority for us. And the planet.

A circular business model is a prerequisite for achieving our long-term goal to become climate-neutral by 2040. The work includes developing new materials, new ways of producing and using materials and products, and how they can then be maintained, repaired, reused and recycled.

3 examples of how we work towards circularly

Defective rugs may live on

Since 2018, we have had a collaboration with GIAB, whose business concept is based on the resale of leftover or defective products to consumers. Here we send rugs that are defective or that do not meet our high-quality requirements. In this way, the rugs are used by GIAB’s customers instead of being destroyed.

Broken rugs become beautiful patchworks

There are many beautiful handmade rugs that have lived for generations in homes around the world but where time begins to take its toll. When the rugs get worn out, they are reclaimed by our suppliers who then use pieces of the rugs to create new beautiful unique Patchwork rugs.

Old rugs are being restored for new life

Our suppliers reclaim older beautiful wool rugs in Asia, Eurasia and the Middle East. These are being restored to give the rugs a new life with our customers. The restoration of the older rugs can take place in three different ways:

  • Our older unique wool rugs are washed to regain their luster.
  • Our Colored Vintage rugs are washed and recolored.
  • Our Patina rugs are recolored and pile height is slightly cut.

We constantly evaluate additional ideas that can contribute to a circular business model.