Our assortment

Rugvista Group offers different types of rugs within two primary categories, design and traditional rugs. We also offer rug accessories such as anti-slip articles and stain removers.

Design rugs

Design rugs constitute Rugvista Group’s primary product area and is the largest category in terms of the number of rugs sold by the Company. Design rugs are normally found in several examples and products can also be produced based on specific order requirements. In addition, the majority of the products are developed in-house within the category. The design rugs are produced primarily in India and Turkey.

Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs constitute Rugvista Group’s origin and was the first category of rugs sold on our online stores. The product category is distinguished by the fact that all rugs are hand-knotted and each article only exists in one copy, making each item unique and can only be bought from Rugvista Group. We purchase traditional rugs through EU-based wholesalers.

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