Our culture and values

On Rugvista Group’s continued growth journey it is important that we build a long-term engaging corporate culture, guided by our values ​​and aligned with our purpose.


Rugvista Group’s purpose is to help people to a home they love.

We can only achieve our goal if our employees give their best every day and are proud to be part of the Rugvista family. We therefore need to provide our employees with the absolute best conditions to do their best.


Our values ​​define who we are and how we behave. Our values ​​are summarized in three key words: Focus on Impact, Stay True, Be Entrepreneurs.

Below is a description of what this means.


We are obsessed with delivering customer value
Our first, second, and third priority is our customer. We consider the customers’ perspective in every decision and aim to exceed their expectations

We make decisions based on insights and the best arguments
Our decision-making leverages data driven insights and logic, not hierarchy or emotions.

We are sustainability leaders
Our ambition is to make a positive impact on all stakeholders that we touch. Our Code of Conduct guides us and acts as proof of our commitment.

We earn responsibility and are accountable
Responsibility is earned and not entitled. We deliver on commitments and hold ourselves accountable for both good and bad outcomes.


We put purpose and team first, ego last
We work together and support each other toward achieving our visions. Our work is focused on developing the organization, not our own position.

 We appreciate our differences
Different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds makes us a better team. We dare to be ourselves and to express our opinion.

We act with integrity, respect, and honesty
We are steadfast and transparent when we communicate and act; even when it is difficult or means that we must walk away from an opportunity.

We take pride in and celebrate our successes
We seek opportunities to enjoy and celebrate our achievements and successes; both big and small.


We seek to improve ourselves and our business
We are committed to constantly improve and always seek the next opportunity to learn, develop, and grow ourselves and our business.

We dare to change
We challenge the status quo and encourage a “test-and-learn” mind-set in everything we do.

We pursue excellence
We strive for excellence in everything we do because we understand that it is the key to our long-term success as individuals and as an organization

We act as owners
We consider the company’s success our own and we use organizational resources as we would our own.

Our culture at glance

Our values must shape the culture from the small actions to the big decisions. Since culture comes to life in the way we treat each other and our customers, we want to highlight some things that are the pillars of culture with us.

Respect and curiosity for differences

We have a business model where we trade with rugs from large parts of the world. This means that we must have an organization that is characterized by respect and curiosity for differences. That is why we see great value in building teams that combine all different aspects of the global society in terms of age, culture, background, religion – everything that makes our individual employees unique and their combined knowledge incredibly strong.

Expect the best from each other

Our relationship with our employees is a kind of partnership where we both set the bar high and expect the best from each other. Our employees expect to be treated with respect and trust. While we expect employees to be dedicated, ambitious and strive for quality in both deliveries and communication with colleagues and customers.