Towards a sustainable future

We want to lead the rug industry towards a sustainable future by contributing to a reduction in the industry’s footprint and encouraging customers to a more sustainable consumption.

We are at a crucial time where it is up to each industry to do its part to reduce unnecessary waste, emissions and energy consumption – to take responsibility for directing the industry towards more sustainable methods. We want to lead that change in our industry – and that is why we have developed our sustainability strategy LEAD.CHANGE.

We believe in action

We do not want to passively watch – it is not in our nature. We want to lead and drive the changes in our industry towards sustainability. This is necessary for us to be able to continue to grow without harming our environment. Our ambition with LEAD.CHANGE is to find methods where we can increase the value for our employees, owners and business partners while we continuously minimize the negative social and environmental impact.

Concrete sustainability goals

In 2020, we launched LEAD.CHANGE – to concretize our long-term sustainability goals. LEAD.CHANGE sets out the strategic initiatives that we must take to achieve Rugvista’s sustainability goals. The aim is to integrate sustainability into the entire value chain.

People – Planet – Business

LEAD.CHANGE focuses on three areas; Planet, People and Business. It is all about how we can create social, economic and environmental sustainability at all levels. Each focus area has a number of strategically important objectives.

Five change levers

We have defined five change levers that need to be engaged in order for us to achieve the sustainability goals. These five levers are our team, our customers, business partners, business practices and our communication. These are important change levers that all need to be involved in order for us to succeed.


The picture below summarizes our 2030 strategy that we will focus on to achieve our sustainability goals.