Responsible purchasing practices

Our customers should feel secure that our products are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible manner. Therefore, we have developed purchasing practices that ensure we are a fair and reliable business partner.

Long-term relationships

We are primarily an online retailer of rugs, which means that we do not own any factories, instead we build long-term partnerships with carefully selected suppliers. When you want to build long-term relationships, it is important to both qualify the suppliers initially and work for a continuing business relation. Through these long-term collaborations with our suppliers, we also contribute to their financial business development – when they develop their business, we will receive improved service and deliveries. Our purchasing methods must contribute to the development of the rug industry in a sustainable manner whilst simultaneously provide long-term benefits for our suppliers and their employees. This way, our long-term partnerships can grow and create value for all parties.

Responsible purchasing practices create change

If we want to lead the change towards sustainability in our industry, responsible purchasing practices will be fundamental to ensure fair treatment of workers and a healthy working environment. By setting purchasing standards and requirements, staying committed and acting responsibly, we can contribute to the development of our suppliers and them being good employers. We have a responsibility to create an environment where human rights are respected in practice. For example, we must ensure timely payment of ordered products so that suppliers can pay wages on time.

Partnerships provide better planning

With good purchasing routines and long-term relationships, we can handle challenges with uneven production based on customers’ varying demand over time. In a long-term partnership, we can, together with the supplier, plan production well in advance, which reduces unnecessary overtime for workers during the high season and evens out during periods of lower demand.