Our History

Rugvista Group’s history dates back to 2005 when the operations that the Company currently conducts began. Since the start of operations, Rugvista Group has had a clear focus on the customer, with an overarching aim of improving the digital customer experience while continuing to develop the Company’s technical platform.

Initially, the Company’s offering primarily comprised of traditional rugs. In 2011, the Rugvista online store was launched, with an offering primarily consisting of design rugs.

After many years of strong and profitable growth, in December 2015, the private equity company Litorina, through the Litorina IV L.P. fund, acquired a majority share in Rugvista Group. During 2016–2019, Rugvista Group accelerated its growth by strengthening the organization, the Board of Directors and built a structural capital to facilitate the expansion of Rugvista Group. The number of full-time employees increased by more than 50 percent during the period and the management team was also strengthened. The current CEO Michael Lindskog entered his position in October 2019.

We have a strong focus on sustainability and executes according to a long-term sustainability strategy (“LEAD.CHANGE”), which includes ambitious goals, which are measured and monitored continuously. In order to maintain its responsibility within the field of sustainability, Rugvista Group employs clear guidelines and monitors procedures towards its suppliers and other parties in our value chain. In 2015, the Board of Directors was supplemented with a board member with great expertise within sustainability, and in 2019, Rugvista Group expanded the management group with a person whose primary responsibility relates to the sustainability work. In 2017, Rugvista Group also became a member of Amfori BSCI and in 2020 engaged in a partnership with Label STEP. The membership and partnership are a part of our clear sustainability strategy through which continuous audits of suppliers take place.