To be a responsible company is our foundation. Our code of conduct and our guidelines aim to establish an awareness of the importance of compliance with all our employees and business partners.

Within the focus area BUSINESS, we have undertaken to achieve, among other, the following goals by 2030:

Objective Goal 2030 Goal 2025
Signed supplier’s Code of Conduct 100% 100%
Mapped tier 2 suppliers (as % of Rugvista purchase value) 100% 100%
Number of corruption incidents reported Detect all incidents Detect all incidents

Our customers should feel secure that our products are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible manner. Therefore, we have developed purchasing practices that ensure that we are a fair and reliable business partner.

The code of conduct is a governing document that defines how we, business partners and suppliers should act – the code should be a guiding document – it is also supplemented with several different policies.

To us, compliance with laws and regulations is a prerequisite for a functioning society and business. A culture of honesty, transparency and ethical decision-making is crucial to our long-term success.