Business conduct and ethics

For us, compliance with laws and regulations is a prerequisite for a functioning society and market. A culture of honesty, transparency and ethical decision-making is crucial to our long-term success. It is a matter of living as one learns – to be an active role model in what we expect and demand of others. Not least when we want to lead the change towards sustainability within an entire industry.

The code of conduct is a key

The code of conduct is part of the introduction of new employees in all positions in the company – thus all our employees are expected to know the content of the code of conduct and understand how it is to be applied in their daily work.

Everyone is encouraged and should feel free to report any violations.

To respect the obvious

Rugvista Group complies with international laws and conventions, which means that we always respect and adhere to the legislation and regulations that are relevant to our business.

We continuously train our employees and thus expect all employees to be aware of the laws and regulations that apply in their specific function or role.

Transparency and honesty is the only thing sustainable

We are honest and transparent in our relationships with suppliers and other partners and we expect and demand that they in turn behave in the same way. It is the only possible way to conduct long-term business.

We live up to our commitments and respect the agreements we have entered into. We expect our suppliers to act in accordance with values that comply with our code of conduct and show that they are followed throughout the supply chain.

Anti-corruption and bribery

Rugvista has zero tolerance for all forms of corruption, fraud and demands openness, integrity and honesty throughout our value chain. We work preventively to counteract corruption in business through transparent systems and follow-up. Bribes, hidden commissions or other illegal or unethical benefits are not allowed. Rugvista employees must neither take nor give undue compensation in the form of gifts, services, travel or entertainment that makes his or her position questionable.