Attractive and sustainable employer

Sustainability, diversity, and inclusion

People are the key to our success. That is why we work hard to attract and retain skilled, committed, and knowledgeable employees with drive and commitment – this is a strategically important part of our business model.

We are a value-driven company where both the company and the employees are expected to lean towards and be guided by our values in their daily work – both large and small, such as how to talk to colleagues and customers. Here you can read about our values.

We have identified a some focus areas where we work extra hard on to remain an attractive employer.

These focus areas are:

  • Diversity and gender equality
  • Health and work environment
  • Transparency
  • Competence development

Diversity and gender equality

We have a business model with customers and suppliers in large parts of the world. This means that the organization needs to be characterized by respect and admiration for our differences. Therefore, we see great value in building teams that combine all different aspects of the global society in terms of, for example, culture, age, sexuality, background and religion. Our corporate culture then also presupposes that everyone is treated equally. We also map salaries and review the composition of the company – from employees to the board to ensure a fair and mixed representation.

Health and work environment

A healthy work environment with healthy employees is important for both us and the employees. We offer several health-promoting activities such as preventive and rehabilitative occupational health care, promoting joint activities during working hours and of course wellness grants to all employees. Work environment and skills development are discussed on an ongoing basis in development reviews between employees and their immediate manager at least once a year and in follow-up meetings once a quarter.

Work environment issues and people engagement are tracked on a monthly basis, where the employee Net Promotor Score is measured. This is an important method for identifying early signals of the need for action in several different areas.

Systematic work environment management

We work systematically for a better and safer work environment for all employees at Rugvista. By continuously working on the work environment at all levels in the company, we can prevent work-related illnesses and occupational injuries.

Transparency and misconduct

All employees must feel involved and feel they can voice their thoughts and opinion in a safe and secure manner. Through the company’s whistleblower service, we want to offer an open climate with an ethical business model where employees feel secure in being able to anonymously provide information about misconduct or concerns about incidents that conflict with the company’s values and policies. Discrimination and abusive discrimination is against our values. Employees can report discriminatory and abusive incidents to the immediate manager, the HR manager or in the annual employee survey. Any cases of discrimination and abusive discrimination are followed up by HR and treated confidentially.

Competence development

To stay current and continue to grow in a rapidly developing e-commerce world and in a market that spans several supplier levels and geographical regions, we need to continuously develop our employees. Managers must encourage innovation and competence development both in development reviews and in daily operations. As our values focus a lot on entrepreneurship and initiative among employees, we also encourage them to take initiative and responsibility for their personal development and competence supply.

Code of conduct and policies

As a governing document, we have developed a code of conduct, values and different types of policies that we work from to ensure that we keep what we promise to our employees. These will be communicated to new employees and be living documents that we still work from.

Here you can read about our values and our code of conduct.